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Kodma (কদমা) For Pujo - 250gm

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Product Overview: 

"Kodma" (কদমা) is an integral part of Bengali Pujo, particularly during Durga Puja celebrations. It signifies the arrival of the festive season and holds special cultural and religious significance for Bengalis.

Kodma refers to the ritualistic germination of barley or wheat seeds in earthen pots. This process symbolizes the beginning of life, growth, and prosperity, which are central themes of the Pujo festivities. The Kodma pots are traditionally decorated with intricate designs and adorned with vermilion, turmeric, and other auspicious elements.

The Kodma ritual typically takes place on the first day of Durga Puja. Devotees believe that the sprouting of the seeds represents the divine presence of the goddess Durga and is considered an auspicious start to the Puja celebrations.

The Kodma pots are carefully nurtured over the course of the Pujo period, ensuring that they flourish and grow into vibrant green shoots. This flourishing growth is seen as a positive omen, symbolizing prosperity and well-being for the household.

During the final day of the Puja, the Kodma shoots are traditionally offered to the goddess as a gesture of gratitude for her blessings. After the Puja concludes, the Kodma shoots may be immersed in a water body, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life and the return of the goddess to her divine abode.

Overall, Kodma is a cherished and symbolic tradition in Bengali Pujo celebrations, embodying themes of life, growth, and abundance that are central to the spirit of the festival.

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Quantity 1
Total Weight 250 gram
Origin INDIA (Kolkata)
Item Kodma (????)

কদমা (Kodma) বা কদম ফুল পুজোর সময় বাঙালি পুজো উৎসবের একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ পর্ব। পুজোর প্রথম দিনে পুজো মন্ডপে থাকা কদমা ফুলটির পুরুতি হয়।

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